New York, NY – June 27, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – The renowned technology and liquidity provider, B2Broker, has introduced a new update to the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), an advanced crypto spot brokerage solution. The latest version includes BBP Prime, enhanced report generation and more flexible layout customisation.

B2Trader v1.1 also brings a native BBP iOS mobile application, which is available as a part of the turnkey solution. The B2Trader mobile app supports integration with the B2Core CRM for an advanced trading experience for iPhone users.

Highlighting BBP V1.1 Main Features

The newly updated crypto spot brokerage platform brings innovative features that suit businesses and improve user experience.

BBP Prime: B2Trader Prime Brokerage

The new release introduces BBP Prime, a feature that allows the platform to act as a prime brokerage hub for other B2Trader brokers. Linked brokers can maintain and top up their balances through the BBP Prime feature, which helps manage and oversee balances on accounts associated with different liquidity providers.

BBP Prime facilitates balance monitoring for brokers’ accounts, incoming order processing, forwarding orders to LPs/B2Connect, and managing trading. The data exchange in this context is managed by a robust FIX gateway structure.

Introducing Template Constructor for Admins

The BBP v1.1 update adds flexibility in workspace customisation for BBP admins. Brokerage firms can now offer personalised templates for workplace layouts, including a default present that launches every time a new trader accesses the trading terminal. Admins can use imported layouts, export individual preferences and save up to 10 custom setups.

Users can find this new feature in the “Settings” section on the left menu.

Better Report Generation for Comprehensive Overview

The B2Trader platform’s reporting system has been revamped to assist brokers get a detailed view of their platform’s performance. A new report type was added that generates a list of active accounts over a given period. These reports are crucial for brokers and admins to assess the growth of their exchange or brokerage.

The B2Trader platform stores all these reports in a new “Report” button, offering seamless accessibility and reporting.

Comprehensive Account Management

B2Trader v1.1 offers account selection directly from the “Trading” terminal located on the top bar. When traders switch profiles, all widgets and settings automatically adjust to the account’s specific information. This feature facilitates managing multiple accounts, allowing users to keep track of performance more straightforwardly.

Up to 10 Tabs to Manage Trading Workspace

The revamped terminal introduces tabs with customisable workspaces, which allow users to handle up to 10 tabs and manage multiple trading layouts at once. Users can apply pre-configured layouts that brokers provide or create their own. This approach changes the way users organise their trading flow and makes it more efficient.

New BBP iOS App Joins The Turnkey Solution Offerings

Mobile trading is the latest trend in this industry, with 58% of revenue in global trading markets in 2022 coming from mobile platforms, according to the Stock Trading and Investing Applications Market report. The same report notes that this sector is expected to grow from $39 billion in 2023 to $150 billion in 2032.

There are 6.8 billion smartphone users around the world, making mobile apps inevitable in trading activities. This tendency motivates brokers to offer equally powerful trading solutions on the mobile version to remain competitive in the market.

Therefore, B2Broker has expanded its BBP white label offerings by introducing a BBP iOS app v1.0, offering all the desktop trading capabilities for optimal mobile experience. Having a robust web trading platform and a dedicated mobile trading application empowers brokers with a complete trading package for their clients. Let’s review some bits of B2Trader’s new mobile app.

Integrating B2Core CRM

The new BBP iOS app is seamlessly integrated with the B2Core CRM mobile app, offering a single sign-on functionality. Once a user is logged into their B2Core application, they can directly access their BBP iOS application without having to enter their login details again.

Simplified Access to Account and Financial Data

Multi-account functionality is a crucial feature of BBP, and with the new B2Trader iOS app, traders can switch between accounts easily and start trading from any of them. The mobile application provides a clear overview of the trader’s available funds and funds on hold for each account, offering instant access to the trader’s financial status.

Overviewing Market Movements and Orders More Easily

The new BBP iOS app offers an interactive “Market” screen, which can be found on the “Account Details” screen. This option allows users to view customisable real-time charts, switch between line and candle charts, and find historical price data more seamlessly. The “Market” screen also displays three tabs for quick trading and account data access: Order Book, Open Order, and Balances.

When it comes to order types, the new app supports the same features as in the web platform: IOC and FOK for market orders and IOC, FOK, GTC, GTD and Day for limit orders. The “Orders” section offers a comprehensive view of order types, prices, quantities and execution times. Moreover, advanced filters help traders find specific orders and streamline their order management.

More Customisation Tools

The B2Trader iOS mobile app is a turnkey solution that allows brokers to personalise their platform’s colours and designs to match their branding and themes and ensure a consistent user experience. Additionally, users can switch between light and dark modes to choose the layout and experience that suits them.

Final Thoughts

The newly revamped B2Trader Brokerage Platform and the introduction of a new iOS mobile app are testaments to the company’s hard work and dedication to developing this crypto spot brokerage solution.

Packed with redesigned interfaces and advanced features, the new BBP platform and mobile app are indispensable tools for brokers’ success, whether as a standout turnkey solution or an integration powered by REST API connections.

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